In the typical goals and reward model, you set a goal and you meet it, then you get a reward.  While this model has a lot of merit and research behind it, there are times when, pulling the trigger and getting the reward now is enough motivation to meet the goals later.  When the situation warrants, it can be a better option to get your reward before you meet your goal. 

Goals are an important part of any business.  They are necessary to aid in planning and often quarterly dashboard statements.  Having rewards for hitting goals or meeting numbers in an important tool to help you and your team feel like you have won.  When setting goals be sure that they are specific and measurable, with a clear end.  I have a whole blog about setting goals.  The reward that you receive when your goal is met should be realistic and based on the goal.  In other words a revenue based goal is best rewarded with a revenue based reward.

In this scenario, the “jump” part of goal setting for some people is a way of adding a “now I gotta do it” type of goal.  One of my previous goals was to get 500 Retainer-based Academy subscribers and then I would get a Tesla.  I did not achieve that goal, yet I am now the proud owner of a Tesla.  I am not suggesting that you buy something you can’t afford, based on other business, I should not have a problem making the monthly payments and I made a significant down payment on it.  But, the biggest reason for me to jump was because it motivates me to dig deep every time I am in the car.

When you reward first, you are honoring all of the hard work it took to get where you are currently.  You start to feel as though you met the goal already and that becomes momentum.  In this case, a Tesla, is a visual goal, because others see it they assume that I have met my goal, further motivating me to continue to work hard.  When you feel successful, you carry yourself differently.  You may also be aware of other possibilities, for me a lesser focus on Retainer-based Academy and a greater focus on other business opportunities, since you are not stressing over missing a goal or reward. 

As you are setting goals and determining what you will do when you meet the goals, consider rewarding yourself now.  Setting goals will improve your business.  Rewarding yourself now with a visual reward will help you to focus on your goal and help you build momentum.

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