Great Business Goals = Great Business Success

Last week of this decade, 2020 is not only a new year, but some argue that it’s also the start of a new decade. Pretty heavy stuff.  It’s an exciting time of year full of celebrations and resolutions.  Resolutions fail, some say at a rate of 80 – 92%!  I am not in the business of failing, so I do not make resolutions.  Instead I make goals. 

How I make great business goals:

  1. Specific Outcome, start at the end – You need to be able to answer the questions Who, What, When, Where, and Why it is important.
  2. Measurable – Create criteria for how you will know you are making progress and track your progress
  3. Attainable – Plan your steps, you may need to take a course to develop skills and abilities.  Break down the monthly and weekly activities that you will need to meet your goal
  4. Exciting – What is exciting about this outcome to you personally (and you can do this as a team). again be specific. You need an “upside” that will be motivating to you when you encounter setbacks (and there will be setbacks)
  5. Realistic – Think from all perspectives so that your goals are based on reality and not on a dream. Then use that “reality check” to motivate you to attain the goal.  Are you willing and able to work to meet this goal?

Here’s an example from Retainer-based Academy: 

  1. Specific Outcome – Have 12 financial advisors work through our Retainer-based Academy. 

Who – Financial Advisors

What – complete Retainer-based Academy

When – in 2020

Where – on

Why – to help other financial advisors

2.  Measurable – 12 advisors in 1 year

3.  Attainable – I won’t bore you with all of these, but yes we have monthly and weekly tasks and plans some of the action plan includes

– Exposing prospects to Milestone Clarification Process

– World class customer service to keep clients and referrals

– Finding and executing campaigns

– A new PR campaign, which includes social media, news media, and speaking engagement

4. Exciting – I am passionate about sharing Retainer-based advising and the Milestone Clarification process that we have trademarked with others.

5.  Realistic – I would love to make my goal to have 250 new advisors, but 12 is realistic!

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