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Take a Team Approach

There’s no such thing as bad timing.

At least, that’s how the saying goes. While this may certainly be true, it can get pretty tiring to consistently be answering the phone or emails when you shouldn’t be. I’ve had clients call my personal number on weekends to ask questions, ones I normally have to pass along to my team to handle.

Client Expectations

With retainer-based planning, clients know from the beginning that if they have questions or issues, they reach out to my team and their assigned CFP. They understand there’s an entire team to reach out to, not just me.

Clients knowing from the beginning who to reach out to the team for certain issues limit the number of emails and phone calls I receive on weekends. I can enjoy spending time with my family and watch my kids grow up without having to worry if clients are being taken care of or being interrupted during family-time because a client called.

Happy Vacations

I used to say that my clients would come with me on vacation, resulting in it not really being a vacation. Thanks to the process and team approach in our retainer-based planning program, I can no longer say clients come with me.

What a truly wonderful feeling that is!

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