When I started contemplating the idea of retainer-based planning, I had various thoughts and questions going through my mind.

When is the right time to switch to retainer-based planning?

How long will the transition period be?

When’s the best time to implement it? 

Am I ready? Is my team ready?

Ask the Team

I kept having these thoughts in the middle of a workday until I finally brought it to my team. It was important to hear their thoughts and even their concerns. After all, my idea would change everything.

I started seeing my ideas come to life and realized it isn’t as complicated as initially thought after having numerous discussions with my staff. I took my time making sure the process worked before I felt ready to introduce it to the world. Once we began building it out, the timing came naturally.

There is no one specific set time frame between deciding to be retainer-based and implementing it. You can’t rush the process. Otherwise, it won’t work. Ever.

So, when is the right time to switch to retainer-based planning? Whenever you want. Just don’t miss the boat.

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