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Fees are Going the Way of the Dinosaur: Extinct

Admit it, we all want to get something for nothing.  We live in a world where we shop at Target, scan an item and see if we can get it for less on Amazon.  We want to value going to the local, small business to purchase a toy for a birthday party, but the...

How to Stop Giving Away Your Most Valuable Asset

As a financial advisor you know that clients come to you for a variety of reasons.  They may be getting close to retiring, have inherited some money, or perhaps they are finally making enough to think about being strategic with their investments.  They...
Music to Inspire

Music to Inspire

We compiled a list of music to inspire you to be productive. As an entrepreneur things get tough. Add to that if you are trying something new and it’s hard at first. It can be hard getting in the right mindset to knock out hours of work at times when there’s a lot on...

How to Take the Best Vacation for a Financial Advisor

How to Take the Best Vacation for a Financial Advisor

If you go on a vacation and take your clients with you (in the form of emails, texts, etc.) then that’s not really a vacation. A vacation for a Financial Advisor should be more than that. The Dream Vacation for a Financial Advisor I get it, customer service is one of...


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