I’ve been asked, “what if I don’t change?”

Well, that is an option.

Someone smarter than me once said, “The easy answer is rarely the right one and the right answer is rarely the easy one.”

I think the times are gone where being an advisor was about asset allocation and sales practices. We used to be the source of investment information, but Google makes that skill irrelevant.

We can add value to the client who is looking for advice. We can add value to the client who wants an allocation to alternatives but wants to keep the bulk of assets at a low-cost provider (or is stuck in a 401k, while they work). We can add value reviewing current and recommended insurance policies.

So if you keep your practice “as is”, that’s fine with me, but your clients may move to a firm like mine.

Feel free to share my contact info :-).

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About Mr. Retainer

Fred Hubler (Mr. Retainer) is an accomplished financial advisor with more than 25 years of success in financial services and technology. 

He founded Creative Capital Wealth Management Group and grew the firm to 11 states. The practice focuses on retainer-based wealth management. As Chief Wealth Strategist, Fred works with individuals and families to serve their financial needs and achieve their goals. 

Fred is an inspiring speaker with a deep knowledge of market leadership, business development, goal execution, and wealth management. 

He is an innovative leader with a keen eye for unique solutions and vast knowledge in alternative wealth creation strategies. He built a framework to allow third-party experts to collaborate with and assist his clients, a practice now spreading throughout the industry.  He is also a certified Behavioral Financial AdvisorTM (BFATM). 

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